11 Truths, One Lie, One Matt Rudnitsky

I'm an author and entrepreneur who writes about life, travel, business and books.

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1. I've written three books: Smart Sports Betting, You Are an Author: So Write Your Book Already, and one I only share with subscribers ;) .

2. My weekly newsletter is called "Rudbits." Join 1,000+ readers here.

3. I've helped dozens of aspiring authors to write their first book (first at Scribe Writing, founded by 4x New York Times bestselling author, Tucker Max — and now at my own company, Platypus Publishing).

4. Our flagship release is Ticketless, by Trevor Kraus — which has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Daily Beast and more.

5. My most popular article has been read over 2 million times.

6. I've traveled to over 50 countries and am a Remote Year citizen. That's my picture of the Pyramids of Giza.

7. I'm a Michigan Man, from New York, living in Austin, writing this from Tbilisi.

8. I'll try pretty much anything once. I've done standup comedy. I've canyon-jumped. I've taught English to five-year-old Czech kids (pro-tip: they learn how to say "may I please go to the bathroom" very quickly when holding it in. I've also eaten grasshopper curry, water-bug skewers and bull-penis stew.

9. Email me at rud@plat.pub if you'd ever like to chat. I read every email.

10. Everything I create goes through my email newsletter. Subscribers get exclusive writing, Q&As, unfiltered stories and discounts on anything I release. I never spam, and suggest you join me there.

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