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Why Platypus?

These days, everyone and their mother's cat is a "bestselling author."

That's because bestseller lists (especially Amazon's) are easy to manipulate, and anyone can "independently publish" (glorified self-publish) a mediocre book.

At Platypus, we don't believe in mediocre books.

Matt Rudnitsky founded Platypus after Simon & Schuster offered him a publishing deal. It was such a rip-off he had to laugh and say no to his dream.

‍Matt was 22 and unemployed when he self-published his first book, for fun. When it made over $14,000 in pure profits and was an instant "bestseller," he was pleasantly flabbergasted.
After six years of reverse-engineering his success and helping others surpass it, it turns out: everything we've been told about publishing is wrong.

Traditional Publishers are a Glorified Scam.

A few facts:

1. ~96% of authors seeking agents get rejected.

2. Of the 4% who “succeed,” only ~67% of manuscripts are sold.

3. It’s really f*cking hard to “get published” traditionally.

Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected 144 times. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence: 121 times. Lolita was rejected by all major American publishers — Viking, Simon & Schuster, New Directions, Farrar, Straus and Doubleday. Nabakov had to flee to France to get a deal.

Harry Mothaflippin’ Potter was rejected 12 times. That’s just what writers do: get rejected.

4. Even if you get a publishing deal, publishers provide you virtually nothing.

Sure, they provide cover and interior design, plus editing — but you're stuck with their often risk-averse, corporate guidelines — and you'll often get better work done independently.

Believe it or not, publishers offer little to no marketing help. You're expected to come to them with a marketing plan, and it's on you to execute.

5. All of that said, there's a reason self-published books carry a stigma. 98% of self-published books suck.

So what's the alternative?

The Platypus Way: The Best Way to "Get Published."

Traditional, corporate publishers are like 3-star hotels.

They're respected enough. You know a few names. They do an OK job, and you don't hate them. But everyone knows they're a ripoff.

In the past, the only way to get published was going through a corporate publisher.

In the past, the only way to travel was to stay at an overpriced hotel.

Self-publishing is like going to a hostel. You'll save a lot of money, but unless you're a true expert and get lucky ... you might wind up with bedbugs.

Working with Platypus is like finding a gem of an AirBnB. Better financially. Better aesthetically. More fun, more authentic.

We're not an independent publisher; we're a boutique publisher. We exist to serve you and your readers, and to maximize the quality of your work.

No corporate bullshit.

Let Us Help You.

Corporate publishers are old, inflexible and bloated. They have rigid, ancient processes and you have to fit yourself into their plans.

Platypus is new, flexible and lean. We offer fully-customized plans, suited to your unique wants and needs.

We'll help you with:
  • finding and crafting the perfect idea
  • turning your perfect idea into a bulletproof outline
  • writing an unputdownable book
  • editing your manuscript into a clean, clear masterpiece
  • launching it so the world can see
  • turning your book into a sustainable business/online platform (coaching, consulting, speaking, etc.)
  • using your book to explode your existing business/online platform
  • turning a blog, podcast, YouTube channel or online course into a killer, standalone book
We offer any and every combination of professional coaching, editing, ghostwriting, publishing and marketing services.

And unlike when using corporate publishers, you retain 100% of royalties (vs. 10-20% with them) and all creative control. We don't care if you went to writing school, and we don't care about your platform or credentials.

All we care about is the quality of your ideas.

Yes, we charge for our services, while publishers technically pay you (while fleecing you in the process). But if you can't yet afford to invest (a fair, market rate) in your career and/or business, we can point you towards our do-it-yourself options.

We believe that everyone has a book in them, and it's our duty to help you find yours and publish it in its most beautiful, effective form.

If you've always wanted to write a book "one day" or think your business could explode with the credibility and traffic an unputdownable book provides ... there's no need to wait.

Platypus will guide you every step of the way, while preserving the integrity of your story and ideas.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Our flagship book is Ticketless: How Sneaking Into the Super Bowl And Everywhere Else (Almost) Held My Life Together, by Trevor Kraus — which has been featured on ESPN Radio, The Daily Beast, Yahoo Sports and other major outlets.

Before starting Platypus, Matt Rudnitsky was an editor and scribe at 4-time New York Times bestselling author Tucker Max’s thriving publishing company, Scribe, as well as an Associate Editor at SportsGrid, and an independent author, ghostwriter, editor and marketer.

You can check Matt's testimonials, here.

‍What are you waiting for?

Even if we're not a mutual fit, we'll refer you to resources like Matt's free No Idea to Chapter One email course ... so you can explore publishing on your own.

Because anyone is capable of writing a classic book ... as long as you're committed to making it great.

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